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Understanding YouTube Video Rank and Search

Video Posting, Search Results and Sharing...

In my first article on YouTube Videos I covered how it works - Searching - Finding - Sharing - Viral - Friends - and stuff....

I now want to write to the many millions of content providers on YouTube - YOU! The vast majority of YouTube Videos come from everyday people like me and you. We upload a video file named and wonder why no one ever sees it. OK - Maybe you call it something smart like "A Cool Video of me and my Friend!"

I have actually had someone tell me, "Billy posted clips from that concert and you sounded great!" I got online and tried searching everything I could imagine looking for the show, band, date, venue, guys band name, and on and on. Couldn't find the clip anywhere. Then I remember the channel angle and his channel is named something weird too so I still find nothing. Then I go phase 3 and search his 'artist name' - then to the Related Videos listed from a clip he did add some information - then look thru them for who posted them until I came up with his Channel - and then the video he posted of me!

Can you believe that?? Most people would have bailed or been sidetracked and never found that clip. I did find it, and saw why it had 23 views and probably has under 100 views today. The file name was numbers with nothing (no words - no title, description or keywords) to help me, or anyone find it. The clip was good by the way! But it never had a chance of being found!!

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I have found lots of useful tricks for sharing Video on You Tube and getting more traffic to my Video Clips! Every one of my Sax Videos, Flute Videos, Christmas Videos, Gospel Music Videos, Jazz Videos and Christmas Videos are first page returns when searching You Tube for the specific terms I targeted. It doesn't take any more time than uploading the Video Clip and you can do it while the clip is loading! The Tags are listed later in this article and will make all the difference in helping people find and watch your videos!

Viral Sharing on You Tube

The easiest way to share video is simply using the SHARE feature on You Tube Video pages. If you have a Twitter, My Space, Face Book, DIGG, Hi5 or any number of accounts common today, you can share the video right from the You Tube Page! Click Share and follow the directions - easy! Add more Share Options for more places you can post right from You Tube!

I post all new videos to You Tube and then post them to my My Space, Face Book, Twitter and BLOG right away <from You Tube>. I then post them on DIGG, Reverb Nation, Orkut, Band Mix, iLike and a few forums online using You Tube Code, Copy/Paste onto the pages.

I have found that I can jump start any new video and get a couple of hundred views, right away using this SHARE button. It is easy and really does not take that much time. And, most important, it gets the word out and viral sharing will take place from there. Once I have posted it thru my network, I see video hits start coming in from other BLOGS and Websites around the web. People can only share that which they know about!

You Tube Statistics

You might ask - how do you know where hits are coming from? You Tube has a few good statistics available on your You Tube Channel. (You have to be the person that posted the video to see these.) If you have never checked them out - go log into your account, hit the account button and then the Insight button. (Most people don't know You Tube has all this great information!)

You can see what countries, how many hits, gender, age groups and so much more. You can also see the Search terms used to find your video and click the terms to see the You Tube page and right where you are on it. How many views came from You Tube Search? Related Video clicks? Embedded Players on other websites? My Top Videos? My Top Search Terms for people finding my clip? Even hot and cold spots on your videos based on people rewinding to see that part again or leaving at a certain spot. Click on everything and see how much information is there. It's amazing!

Using this information can be of great help if you want to increase the number of hits your posted videos are getting! If you see lots of people searching for your 'chickens dancing' videos, and you have more 'chickens dancing' on video, you might want to post a few more. If you have a hot video and a cold video, you can compare how people are getting there and look for ways to help people find the cold video clip!

The issue in 2012 is YouTube continues to move more toward the corporate video channels and is taking the You out of You Tube. Much has been written regarding sad moves at You Tube since GOOGLE took over. The removing of ratings took the user experience out of our hands and gave lame commercials from corporate sights equal and hidden placement next to and above real content from YOU. This move alone was a huge step toward THEM TUBE.

NOW Stats have been replaced with Analytics which has gone thru another change again today. The information anyone would want as bragging rights is harder to find. Page views for a Video Channel are now gone. comments are hard to follow and not a rewarding read - those come from users. All Stats are always in a state of "SORRY - We are having problems right now...."

I would have to say - GOOD LUCK with generating views or even getting accurate counts these days. The fair has left the game and all that is left is small time views.

TAGS - Video Title, Keywords and Description

This information can help when either editing a video details/information or uploading new videos. You can always go back into a video clip and edit the information posted for that clip. Old videos no one ever watches? Go in and update the info and see if it does not improve the views.

You can, and should use helpful keywords to make each video more findable in the first place, and you can always go back, add them to old videos or change them to try and get better visibility and hits. If the video is about 'chicken soup', it makes sense to call it that and put it in the keywords and description so others can find it.

You should always be smart with the TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS for each video clip. You don't want to try and beat the system by just repeating CHICKENS 20 times in all 3 tags. That would be considered SPAM and will not help at all, but can actually hurt you.

Keyword Placement - Keyword Weight

Keyword placement and keyword weight are very important. I have experimented with terms and tried different combinations of words in all 3 tags. It would appear that the first words have a greater weight when listed first in all 3 tags.

Lets say I have that Chicken Soup video. I will list Chicken Soup blabla bla for the Title; Chicken Soup bla bla bla (a little more readable with the little words 'a' 'an' 'the' 'and' added in to not appear like a keyword list) and the keyword list would start off - chicken soup, chicken, soups, bla bla, bla.

All 3 tags start with Chicken Soup - pretty obvious that your video is about Chicken Soup and very likely you will see good search position for your video when people search Chicken Soup!!

One other thing to note - Since 100's of sites use YouTube content to build there sites, placing understandable TAGS in your videos makes it easy for 100's of other video sites to find and steal your video to put on there video sites. People ask me how I get video on video sites all over the world. I don't do anything!! These sites find and post the videos for me. I post to YouTube - period. I am on hundreds of video sites all over the world. I would guess it has a lot to do with intentional posting with good information :)

How do you get YouTube Videos to show in GOOGLE Search??

I am not aware of any tricks that work here or any program that will make a GOOGLE search show your YouTube video when searching a term on GOOGLE. Many people long after that little video box showing - page 1 on a GOOGLE search!! I had a friend tell me they found a guy that had figured it out, but it was expensive to have him do it. I was, yet again, impressed at how some people mix a wicked blend of ignorance and greed - and then try to look like a guru with answers. I have tons of videos on GOOGLE search and actually showing the little screen shot on the GOOGLE search page!

I did nothing but what I have shared right here. If GOOGLE shows 2 videos for a search result for chicken soup; the 2 videos they show are the number 1 and number 2 videos on YouTube for Chicken Soup. There is no way to get that premium listing on GOOGLE without optimizing the YouTube tags to achieve top placement on YouTube first. All GOOGLE does is deliver the top videos for that search term on YouTube.

YouTube Search

The key thing to remember is - a Search Engine is only a computer bot looking for information. You have to help the Search thing know what your video is about. If you simply and honestly share that information in the TAGS, you will increase the possibility of being found by 100% and likely see your views go up a bunch for the effort!!!

If you have Videos up that don't have any details, go edit them now and check back in a week or so to see if the views are going up.

I did a test, adding the same video that a friend added, to see how this works. He had 32 hits after 7 days and I had almost 200 for the same clip. I gave it a name, description and keywords so it could be found. It is easy! Most people are to busy to take 2 minutes to post things right. That makes smart video posts stand out even better :)~ <Today a year later - 4092 views for my clip - 262 and 972 for the 2 clips they posted with just a song title and no other information> They have since started a new channel with smarter posting with more logical TAGS and a clip up a year is now showing a few thousand hits!!!

NOTE - the INSIGHT numbers are often a few days behind and are not 100% accurate. They just give some general idea as to hits, views and details about your prized video uploads! It also must be your video to see any of the statistics. A few basics are on video pages for any video, but you only get 3 or 4 pieces of info as opposed to a hundred on the Insight window! Go to 'My Account' and click 'Insight' on the top right of the page.

The issues with SEARCH are now questions with whether they are being fair in search results. I see videos with much higher placement and nothing indicating why. There might be no keywords, a lame description and a nice placement in search results. It used to be fair and it might have to become fair again one day. For now, small content providers will have a few clips in search results, regardless of how extreme they tailor key words into all available places.

YouTube Video Success

There is no magic to getting tons of hits on You Tube. It's all about trying to be smart about how you post and edit video information so people can find your videos.

Post everywhere you can and USE good TAGS that you might actually use to find your video on You Tube - The counter will start spinning!!

At the time of this writing, I had 38 clips, channel was started 19 months ago and over 452,000 views now, with an average of 1500 views everyday!

No gimmicks, no one was injured, no baby or animal or poll dancing was used - just simple music videos from gigs and stuff I grabbed from video shows when I could.

Yes I lust after 500,000 views in 2 weeks or 17 million views over a year, ect.... But I can also look back thru my stats and see an average growth that slowly and continually seems to grow. The 1500 views a day has just locked in over the past few weeks. A while back it was 1200 and seemed to sit there forever - but was moving up up up.....

Good luck and see you on the TUBE!

Thanks for reading YouTube Video Ranking - Video Placement on YouTube !! And thanks for sharing this page link with others looking for help getting there YouTube Videos seen!
Information on this page is really public domain, but we would really appreciate a link when quoting this article. The sax Videos on this site are all YouTube Videos and can be added to any site on the web from YouTube - Copy Link or Copy HTML Code!!!

Thanks reading and good luck with your online ventures!
Greg Vail - SAXBOY -

VIEW UPDATE 2012 - I got up to 4000 views a day and it is now back to the early number of 1300-1400 a day. What happened??? Many things but a huge issue has been RELATED suggestions on the right. The videos on the right used to actually be related to the video you just watched - today they are barely related. Since most users start with a search and then go to RELATED from there, the vast majority of views are suggested from that related list. If a surfer does one search and 4-5 related clips before searching again - most the views end up coming from RELATED. YouTube does not show stats breaking down actual search and related suggestions. Since YouTube is not placing my videos in the Related space for my video, my views have dropped in half.

You Tube got complicated. They went from a huge success story to a GOOGLE machine. The transition brought change so slowly that few could see it. Little things disappear all the time. I mentioned ratings above already. BUT consider how we can now longer rate to 5 stars and only thumb up or down a clip. If you saw 500 1 star marks, would you watch a clip? NO - it would likely suck. BUT Now the search results dont even show the thumbs so you click with no idea whether 1000 people already said it sucked!

It would appear that GOOGLE is sending a clear message here - PAY FOR VIEWS. RUN AN AD AND PAY FOR PLACEMENT right at the top of the Related Videos on the right. I think that sucks. THERE TUBE SUCKS! YOU TUBE WAS AMAZING - a few years ago.....

Do Everything you do On Purpose.
Why Post a Video and not care if anyone ever sees it????
Apply some simple logic and post/upload on Purpose!

Safe Surfing.............

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